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2003nanowrimo's Journal

cajoje's NaNo
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Ok, it's now 2004 and some of us are still willing to destroy our self-esteem by trying this thing. The year may have changed, but everything else stays the same.

This community was set up by cajoje for the fellow masochists on her friends list who are attempting NaNoWriMo.

This community is a place to pitch and bitch, and vent our very valid frustrations. Most importantly, it and will offer the support we all so desperately need.

While anyone is welcome to join, it must be understood that this is a cajoje community, and she decides on content.

We've kicked puppies. We eat kittens. All our rainbows are black and we're stripping the unicorn of its horn for the ivory. We swear and take the name of the Lord in vain. We are very loyal, and fuck with one of us and by God, you fuck with us all.

Aside from that, we're lovely.